9 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

fixing solar panels

Do you want to generate energy yourself and make your house more sustainable? Sustainable solar-powered solutions offer many benefits. We give you 9 reasons why we are in favor of solar energy.

1. There is enough solar energy for everyone
Where fossil fuels can be used, the sun provides enough energy for everyone. And it costs nothing to use solar energy for your home.

2. You can generate electricity and heat your house!
You can generate electricity yourself using solar panels. But did you know that you can also heat your house with solar energy? A solar water heater converts solar energy into heat and can heat your house or supply hot water.

3. Your house becomes worth more
With solar panels or a solar water heater your home will be worth more. Your house becomes more attractive for buyers. You also improve your energy label. Do you install solar panels? Then your energy label will automatically increase by at least 1 letter (AF is possible).

4. You can apply for a grant
Are you going to install a solar water heater? Then you can use the ISDE grant if you meet the conditions. Unfortunately, no national subsidy will be available for solar panels in 2020.

5. You can reclaim VAT from solar panels
Have you purchased solar panels? Then you can get back part of your investment: you can reclaim the VAT from the Tax Authorities.

6. It is good for your wallet ..
Solar panels are an investment, but also give you a lot. On average you earn the panels back in 7 to 8 years and everything is profitable afterwards. And the payback time is decreasing even more thanks to the rapid technological developments.

7. ..and good for the environment
With solar energy you can generate electricity or heat water in a sustainable way. The CO2 emissions of your home are falling and are your solar panels in need of replacement after many years? The panels are largely recyclable if you return them to a specialized waste processing company.

8. Growing demand ensures lower prices
A few years ago, solar panels were still very expensive. The purchase price has fallen considerably in recent years due to growing demand. If there is more demand for solar panels, it is cheaper to produce the panels.

9. You are less dependent on energy suppliers & price developments
Rising energy or gas prices are annoying, but cannot be avoided if you still use gray electricity. Do you generate electricity or heat your house with the help of solar energy? Then you are less dependent on rising energy costs.