House For SALE? Your Solar Panels Are Worth GOLD

solar house

It is perhaps the biggest obstacle for people to switch to solar power: the fear that you will not recoup the investment in solar panels on your roof. Although a system pays for itself after an average of 7 years, and then provides free electricity for another 20 years, that period is too long for many people.

What if you get a new job elsewhere? Whether the house feels too small with growing children? If you have to sell your house, you lose that investment: no one is going to pay for solar panels that are already on the roof. However?


The opposite is true. Energy-efficient houses yield an average of 7,000 euros more than non-green houses, as a result of a study (2019) by a leading Bank.  The installation of solar panels  quickly leads to a profitable sale

The Dutch Bank speaks of a “positive premium” that can be added to the price of ‘green’ houses, because home buyers expect that the energy consumption will be lower and because the costs of sustainability have already been incurred.

An average townhouse with 15 solar panels can make a jump of 2 to 3 label steps. In combination with other fairly common efficiency measures, such as double glazing and high-efficiency boilers, achieving an A label is within reach.

The Value is Known Now

A slightly older study by Eindhoven University of Technology illustrates the positive relationship between house value and solar panels even more sharply. Of the 227 potential homebuyers surveyed, three quarters turned out to have an extra $ 7,000 on average for a home with solar panels – an amount roughly equal to the cost of purchasing and installing an average system.

It is perfectly logical that solar panels contribute to a higher sales price. The system on the roof saves hundreds of euros on electricity costs and often lasts for decades. And although it took a while for this to get through to home buyers, both studies indicate that solar panels increases the house value.


So are you in doubt about the purchase of solar panels because you do not know whether you will be living in your house for more than 7 years? Needless: in the event of a sale, those solar panels will be sold like hot cakes.