How Do I Keep Birds Away from My Solar Panels?

Keep the words away from solar panels

The popularity of solar panels has increased over the last decade in an attempt to lead society towards green energy. The solar panel has many advantages that the few issues seem significantly minor.

One such issue is that the birds find the warm solar panels very comfortable, mostly Pigeons. Unless you bird proof or more likely pigeon proof your solar panel, you will have to keep on cleaning the nest so that your solar panels can do their job.

Pigeons end up damaging the solar panels due to the nest and its build-up. Wirings and panels themselves end up being damaged with Pigeons making themselves comfortable on your solar panel.

So here’s a number of ways you can pigeon/bird proof your panels.

Bird Mesh

Bird mesh seals the entire area of the solar panel. You can clip the mesh directly to your panels. It covers all the edges of the panel to make it difficult for the birds to set up their nests.

Bird netting is also one such low-cost alternative to bird mesh. However, the resistance of a bird net is lower than a bird mesh.

No need to worry about aesthetics because along with being cost-effective it is also attractive.

bird view solar panels

Roof Spikes

Unlike bird mesh/net, roof spikes are not so aesthetically pleasing. They are not attractive but they are effective. Spikes keep the birds away from the nest and make it difficult and uncomfortable for them to make their nest.

They can also be paired with other bird proofing techniques to keep your solar panels from turning into a nesting zone.

Fake Predators

This may do not sound effective but birds are scared of unknown objects. You can keep a life-size predatory bird or animals like an owl or a cat. These fake predators are also technologically developed that can move with batteries. These will scare the birds from coming closer to your roof or solar panels.

Clean Garden and Yard

Most important of all things, you need to make sure your garden and yard are clean. Birds will keep coming to your yard if there is food around. Make sure there is no source of food in or around your garden.

Remember to clean your pet’s food and keep a lid on your dustbin. Don’t store food outside and regularly check for foods around the garden that may attract birds.

Maintenance of Solar Panel

It is essential that you also keep your solar panel in proper condition. Keeping your PV array clean and in good condition may keep the birds away from making nests.

Repairing your solar panels and calling a professional servicing team for routine maintenance of your solar panel will ensure longevity.

Call the Company

The last resort for bird proofing your solar panel is calling for companies who provide such services. There are many companies that work to make sure your panels are safe from birds.

If all the above fails or you may want professional help it is better to call for them.

Bird proofing your solar panel is as essential as cleaning and repairing them. Although birds may seem harmless they can cut the wirings and cause damage to the solar panels.

But make sure not to harm any birds while doing so. Don’t throw away their nests or the eggs in the nest while trying to clean the solar panels.