How do Solar Panels Perform in the Snow?

solar panels

A group of scientists from Sandia National Laboratories in the US is doing a study to quantify the effects of snow on solar kits and thus identify strategies to reduce energy losses and the decrease in reliability caused by ice and snow .

The technological evolution and the growth of the confidence of the general public has led to the installation of solar kits in very cold areas but, the path of the efficiency of solar panels in these environments still has a considerable margin of improvement . Snowfall is another disadvantage that photovoltaic solar panels find to be efficient in these areas; Getting solar panels clear and capable of absorbing sunlight is one of the main objectives of this group of scientists.

solar panels in snow

The abundant snowfall recorded in the area does not facilitate the work of scientists and the reduced amount of data produced by photovoltaic systems complicates decision making. To deal with this problem, the nuclear weapons company Sandia National Laboratories has initiated a project to analyze snow as a factor in performance and photovoltaic reliability to quantify the effects of snow on photovoltaic systems, conducting field research at four sites. USA UU .

According to the scientists of this project, snow as well as a problem is also an opportunity for solar energy . The study also highlights that the low temperatures of these regions increased the operational efficiency of solar kits .

This study also highlighted the role of bifacial solar panels in these areas because, thanks to their axes of movement, it allows greater efficiency than normal solar panels in these areas .