How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

solar panel

One of the biggest concerns when thinking about acquiring a solar panel system or even if you are already in the process of it, is precisely the installation time.

Among the questions stand out: what is the exact time? or why is the process sometimes delayed?

In this article we will talk about the installation times of a solar panel system and why sometimes they can vary from one property to another.

Installation project

The first thing you should take into account is that a serious and certified solar company before thinking about proceeding with an improvised installation, must put together an exclusive project for you.

What does it consist of? For example, in Enlight, through your electricity bill we can identify two important things:

Measure the average energy you consume and build a project with the ideal number of solar panels to save up to 98% on your bi-monthly consumption.

Locate your property to perform a satellite analysis of your roof to check solar access (factors such as trees and shadows that can affect power generation), solar radiation (how much energy you will receive from the sun) and space to install the solar panels.

After having these data, an advisor will present the project to you and if you accept it, the solar engineers assist your property to analyze your roof in detail and contemplate even the smallest detail so that the installation occurs without any kind of setbacks.

Installation by the solar company

Once the analysis of your property is completed, our solar engineers will determine the installation time.

This is usually completed in a single session, but can last up to four days, depending on the number of panels and the installation conditions of the property.

It is important to make a distinction between installing the solar panel system and connecting it. Although they are installed, they do not start operations until the process with the electricity company, which we will mention later, is complete.

Interconnection of your solar panels with Central Grid

As we have mentioned in other articles, installing solar panels is not synonymous with a divorce with the Central Grid, because precisely, the electricity grid will have the function of ‘storing’ the surplus energy that your panels generate so that you can use it at night. or in moments of low solar intensity.

It should be emphasized that this has no extra cost for you. However, remember that a solar panel system is designed to generate a certain amount of energy.

That is, if for any reason (for example, in very hot or cold seasons) you increase your electrical consumption, this additional energy that you take from the electrical network will be charged to your next electricity bill.

Now, in order for you to send and take energy from the grid, the Central Grid must recognize you as a power generator.

The above is through an interconnection process that consists of the management of several documents and the installation of a bidirectional meter that will record the amount of energy that you inject and take from the network.

It is precisely this procedure that may take the longest time, since the schedule to carry out the interconnection and installation of the bidirectional meter depends exclusively on the Central Grid and the dates vary according to each local office.

There are cases in which the interconnection process does not take more than a week so that your panels can turn on. However, there are others in which the electricity company may take longer than estimated, up to two or three months.

While it may be a long period, when compared to the world, we are fortunate. In some countries this process can take more than six months.

Also remember that it will be a minimum wait if you compare it with the useful life of the panels of over 25 years.

As we mentioned, this period is foreign to any solar company, since the times are set by the electricity company.

It is important to emphasize that we carry out this procedure for you, at no cost.

Now that you know the reasons that influence the installation time of a solar panel system, don’t wait any longer, quote yours and start saving!