How Roof Orientation and Installation of Solar Panels Is Important

solar power

Due to lack of knowledge, there are many users willing to install solar panels without knowing if their roof is suitable for installation, apart from the available space, the inclination and orientation they have are also very important ; In this post we will focus on what is the best solution to guide your installation.

The best solution to maximize production throughout the day would be to install a system of followers that chase the sun and tilt the modules according to the time of the year, as is done in large photovoltaic plants, however, in a house, it is an expense unnecessary technology. Therefore we go to the second best scenario, which is to completely orient them to the South , since at noon we will have a peak of production, reaching the maximum peak of the panel , and if we see photovoltaic production annually, the houses with a South orientation have a greater production than those that do not, since throughout the day it will have radiation than if you orient it completely to the East or the West .

Knowing the orientation of the roof to know if it is suitable for the installation of solar panels is very simple, you simply have to access Google Maps and find the address of your home, then you can see where the roof is oriented. Another equally valid way is to use the telephone compass and get on the roof.

If the orientation of the solar panels is not towards the South if not slightly towards the West, in homes connected to the network , it would be necessary to see when the consumption is going to be carried out to maximize the production, if the greater consumption occurs in the early hours in the morning, and the sun rises in the east, the use of energy will be increased if it is oriented there, in the same way if the highest consumption is in the afternoon, the west will not be a bad orientation.

Sometimes there may be shadows and obstacles in the South orientation so the best orientation will be the one that can produce more energy and more energy you can use.

Another different aspect is the isolated case, since by having batteries we want to maximize the charge, of these and for this, it is recommended that the orientation is South.

However, if we pay attention to the solar graph, we see that the orientation changes hardly suppose a 2-3% loss of peak production, unless they are completely oriented to East or West where the losses can be 20% with respect to the peak , and Perhaps the inclination used and the time of the year to determine production are more influential.