Night Solar Panels is it Possible?

solar panel

Researchers at the Davis University of California design an ‘anti-solar’ panel to work overnight and thus generate 50 watts of energy per square meter in ideal conditions.

The efficiency of photovoltaic panels becomes increasingly important and one of the solutions goes through their usefulness 24 hours a day. The development of the photovoltaic sector goes further and a team of scientists studies the possibility of placing a warm object pointing to the sky to radiate heat.

In order to carry out this process it is necessary to incorporate a solar cell, but conversely, that is, a cell that would capture the residual heat of the motors to generate energy. Taking into account that the space is at a very cold temperature, if you have a very hot device and point it at the sky, it will radiate heat towards it. The incorporation of this cell would increase energy generation by 25% more than can be obtained from a conventional solar panel during the day.

night solar panels

The development of this research what you want to take advantage of is the operation of the solar panels . Therefore, researchers are also working on the possibility of capturing light of extremely long wavelength. Silicon is the material used in the panels and captures the light from the visible area, but we should look for a material that can capture this type of light. In this way you could work throughout the day balancing the power grid during the day-night cycle; generate more energy and have the possibility to store it and use it later.

They are not the only ones who are working on this idea, at the University of Standford they also investigate the possibility of incorporating a thermoelectric generator to radiate heat to the sky and generate electricity.