Pros and Cons of living near Power Lines

pro's and con's of power lines

While it is an ongoing debate whether living near power lines is safe or not, let’s make our own list of pros and cons.

Pros of living near Power lines

1. Low Rate: You can get a house near the power line at a much lower rate than that in the city. If you have a tight budget, then this seems like a good idea.

2. Private Life: A house near power lines gives you privacy from the bustling life of the city. Since power lines are mostly located in secluded areas, a house there can keep you away from the chaos.

3. Power Supply: Another advantage is that the technicians respond faster if you have a power outage. The technicians have the responsibility of inspecting the power station and also making sure the surrounding area has a constant electricity supply.

4. Health: According to the report of WHO in 2002, there is no link between magnetic and electric fields and human health. There is no evidence of mutation caused by low-frequency magnetic fields. Of course, the house should be 50 or more meters away from power lines.

Cons of living near Power lines

1. Property selling issue: It may prove difficult to sell your house because people fear buying a home near power lines. You may have to sell the property at a much lower rate. Or, you may have to wait before getting a fair deal for the property.

2. Risk of Fire: There is always the risk of lines catching fire after heavy thunderstorms. Heavy rains can also affect the current flow in the power lines.

3. Leukemia: In a survey of 2005, it was reported that living less than 200 meters from power lines can cause Leukemia. The high-voltage current flowing through power lines can affect adversely the production of blood cells in the body.

4. Extremely Low-Frequency radiation: Although the effect of ELF radiation in a human body is controversial. It is advised to live 600 or more meters away from power lines.

It is better to buy a house that is 600 meters away from power lines with low EMF. Trees also serve as a shield to electric fields. Hence, the best place is to buy a house in the presence of trees and to follow the restriction laws proposed by the government.