What are The Disadvantages of Living Near a Solar Farm?

solar farm

Solar power is a big industry of clean and sustainable energy in America as well as other countries. It is environmentally friendly and is an inexhaustible form of energy.

The solar farm is by definition the power plant, which constitutes a solar panel. With the huge positive impact solar farm has on the environment it is bound to have some disadvantages.

A solar farm may have a few cons to it. However, these concerns can be a disadvantage to the people living near a solar farm; not only humans but also wildlife.

solar farm

Disadvantages of living near a Solar Farm

  1. Solar farms utilize a large amount of land. Since it is not possible to build solar farms in the city; they are installed outside the city. This leads to taking up forest space and harming the wildlife.

As per the case of the Ivanpah solar project located in the Mojave Desert, it received lots of criticism from wildlife conservation. The California government still proceeded with the project which resulted in thousands of desert tortoises losing their habitat.

  1. For people living near the solar farm, may suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. People affected by such conditions may experience headaches and restlessness. Even though the radiations are of a very small amount, constant exposure may be life-threatening if not treated properly.
  1. Homeowners may not like the lack of nature that comes with a solar farm. For the proper working of the solar panel, it needs clear surrounding which means no swaying trees. This may not be ideal for a lot of homeowners.

Additionally, the intensive rays that the panel reflects can cause trouble for the people living nearby. They try to set up the panels at the best angle possible so that it does not bother the animals, birds, and people nearby. It still may not work out.

The disadvantages of living near a solar farm are concerns which the researchers are working on fixing. The solar farm is not much benefit if the people and wildlife are suffering in return. Albeit so, the solar farm has fewer disadvantages for the people living nearby, than those living in the city.