Which Cable is Suitable for Solar Installations?

solar panel

The market has many types of cables depending on the use, for this reason we may have doubts about which cable is necessary for my installation, and above all, why choose photovoltaic cable ? In the this post we will try to answer the most frequent questions that may arise:

What is the solar cable ?

The solar cables are primarily designed to be installed in photovoltaic systems . They are composed of a tinned electrolytic copper conductor to ensure correct conductivity, having double insulation to improve its weather resistance, the direct incidence of ultraviolet rays and extreme environmental temperatures. Also, they are halogen-free compounds, self-extinguishing material to avoid flame with low emission of harmful gases in case of fire. We must also take into account, unlike traditional AC cables , these cables are unipolar, they are not manufactured grouped in a hose.

What benefits does photovoltaic wiring bring to my installation ?

It improves the overall performance of the installation due to its lower degradation over time. In addition, we have a longer life, thanks to the properties mentioned above.

Is photovoltaic cable more expensive than, for example, indoor cable?

Despite being a special cable for photovoltaic installations , its cost is not excessive compared to indoor cables , since this difference in cost compensates for the longer service life.

What sections of photovoltaic cable are recommended?

Excepting large photovoltaic systems , the most common is to use wire 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2 or 16mm2. We must calculate the section of the cables depending on the voltage, intensity, length and insulation.

Does all this mean that solar equipment can only work with photovoltaic wiring ?

Although other copper cables of the same section fulfill the same function, their duration and performance over time will be shorter. Therefore, the use of non-specific cables is discouraged.

Does all this mean that solar equipment can only work with photovoltaic wiring ?

However in the market we can find other copper cables of the same section that fulfill the same function, but there is reduction in the duration and performance. It is always advisable to use specific wiring for photovoltaic systems .