How Solar Panels Get Damaged and How to Keep Them Safe

How do solar panels get damaged?

Solar panels are exposed to the elements, including direct sunlight, rain and snow, wind and dust.

They are also susceptible to damage from physical attack, such as bumps and bangs. Even small scratches can reduce a solar panel’s ability to produce power.

Damage can occur over time or be caused by one isolated incident. To protect your solar equipment, make sure it’s installed in an area that is sheltered from the weather but accessible for regular maintenance.

This will help your panels last longer and reduce the risk of damage from moisture or other environmental factors.

What causes solar panels to get damaged?

A number of factors can cause your solar panels to get damaged. Probably the main culprit is direct sunlight – when panels are shaded, they can’t produce power.

Other factors that can lead to damage include rain and snow, dust and dirt, strong winds and bumps.

Keep your panels protected with a roof rack

Protect your solar panels from damage by keeping them safely indoors. Install them on a roof rack or in a covered outdoor installation.

The roof rack will protect your panels from rain and other weather conditions that can damage panels. You may also want to consider installing a roof-mounted solar panel system to reduce the risk of theft.

Install a barrier between the elements and your solar equipment

Regularly clean dust and dirt from your solar panels, and use a dust cover when they’re not in use to protect them from dust. When you do these things, you can help to prevent damage as well as keeping your panels looking their best.

If you have a roof rack, consider installing an enclosure to create a barrier between the roof rack and your solar panels. This will stop dust, dirt, debris and moisture from getting into the panel area.

Protect your panels from dust and dirt while they’re in use

If you do see dust or dirt on your solar panels, don’t ignore it. Clean it away as soon as possible to prevent it from accumulating and causing damage.

Make sure you don’t use your panels while they are dirty. To clean your panels, first use a garden hose to remove dirt, then gently clean the panels with a soft cloth.

Do not use a water jet or pressure washer on your solar panels. These methods can cause serious damage.

Damage control: what to do when your solar equipment gets damaged

It’s important to know what to do if your solar panels are damaged. The first step is to get the panel area as clean as possible. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the panels and remove any debris.

Next, try to figure out what caused the damage. Did someone accidentally bump into your solar equipment? Was your panel unintentionally exposed to water? If you can figure out what caused the damage, you can prevent it from happening again.

Wrapping up

Solar power is an environmentally-friendly source of electricity. However, it’s important to protect your solar panels from damage. If they are damaged, they won’t produce power, and you’ll need to replace them before your system is completed.

Keep your panels dry and clean them regularly. Install them in a sheltered location (away from trees, power lines and other hazards) and make sure they are accessible for regular cleaning. If your panels get damaged, you can protect them with a roof rack and a barrier.