Pros and Cons of Steam Heating System

steam heating system

Steam Heating System

A steam heating system converts water into steam, in a boiler furnace. The steam then travels through pipes and into a radiator which produces heat. As a result, the heat warms the room. After the steam cool downs, it turns back into water and returns to the boiler. The cycle repeats itself.

Steam heating systems are installed by homeowners living in a particularly cold region as a heating alternative.

To install a steam heating system is a personal preference. However, it is always better to know some pros and cons of steam heating systems before installing them.

Pros of Steam Heating System

  1. Durability: The steam heating system lasts for a long time. it can work with proper maintenance for 20 to 25 years.
  2. Clean: It produces clean air, meaning dust-free. The warm air produced by the heating system does not contain allergens or any other particles.
  3. Silent: A heating system that uses water is considerably silent.
  4. Floor setting: You can install the heating system underneath the floors. Instead of investing in a heating system particularly for floors, you can run some steam pipes under your floor.
  5. Heat: Steam heating system evenly distributes heat throughout the home.

Cons of Steam Heating System

  1. Installation: It can be expensive to install a steam heating system. A proper piping system needs to be arranged to install the heating system.
  2. Slow Heat: It takes quite some time for the pipes to warm up. When changing the thermostat it may take longer to heat up.
  3. Maintenance: Steam heating system needs to be properly maintained in order to work for a long time. You may handle the regular checking of the system. However, once in a while it is better to call a professional for service.
  4. Water leak: There is a risk of water leak in the heating system. Although, it is highly unlike